Friday the 13th

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Had a totally crap friday the 13th.  I actually like the number 13.  I like to be different.  I was just reading and it says on its etiquette page no one likes to be thought of as abnormal.  If normal is all the walkies who think its ok to be rude to cripples then I’m glad to be abnormal thanks.- BTW the site is cool I am loving the cripple jokes- why is it so unacceptable for us crips to laugh at ourselves?. 

Anyway back to the ramble. I woke up to an email saying my dad was more likely than not being made redundant after 3o or so years working for the same employer.  

 I have signed away my Disability Living Allowance for 3 years for a nice shiny new Ford Focus (which legally I can’t even drive yet….) anyway whilst being escorted home by my other half, some fuckwit guy decided to rear end us (and not in a kinky sexual way either).  The cops were present but decided to drive off and not even see if we were injured (too much paperwork you see).  So I spent 4 hours in casualty trussed up on a spinal board.  Normally the thought of being bound with straps etc excites me but hey thats another story….

As a female zombierubberduckie of minirubberduckie producing age I invariably get the “are you pregnant” or the “is it because of your disability” remark whenever I stray within 10 miles / kilometers near a medical establishment. 

 Crip chronicle no 1- In A+E Nurse practitioner farts round the issue of why I am in a chair.  So I am blunt- my car has been squished by another car the fact I am in a chair is irrelevant unless the guy saw my crip on board sticker and decided to ram me on purpose.  I patiently informed the nurse that shock horror- cripples can get involved in accidents that have nowt to do with being a cripple!

Crip chronicle no 2 – Am I pregnant.  Now I need to go off for zillions of x rays as I have hurt my back, neck and pelvis -sorry I meant some moron has hurt my back neck and pelvis.  So I get the are you preggers questions.  Despite my answer of “I have a coil, OH has been sterilised and I haven’t had sex for AGES anyway” they insist on doing a pregnancy test.

 Guess what … no  mini zombierubberduckies for me.  No wonder the NHS is short of money.  When they “broke” the news I laughed and said if I was pregnant I would have found god and started a new religion. 

Then when I was wheeled into x-ray -first thing they said to me was “are you sure your not pregnant” my answer was no I’m FAT not pregnant!!!

Anyway was sent on my way with sore neck back, pelvis and more prescriptive drugs.

At zombierubberduckie towers this morning the cops finally arrived to take statements and it seems they are intending to prosecute the other driver for driving with undue care and attention.  Whereas if I had not been injured when we were squished it wouldn’t have even needed to be reported.

At least the neighbours had something to twitch their net curtains at with  various cop cars surrounding our house at 8am on a saturday morning. I’m sure they probably think I am somekind of dribbling drug addict.  Well I am but of the legal variety!

Next friday the

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